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Teden slovenske drame

Luka Cimprič, Andrej Zupanec:


Glej Theatre


Idea and development: Luka Cimprič, Andrej Zupanec
Sound designer: Peter Harl
Graphic designers: Dominik Mencej, Klemen Janežič, Borut Bučinel, Dafne Jemeršič
Technical development: Žiga Zupanec, Leon Cimprič
Costume designer: Minka Rozman
Technical support: Grega Mohorčič, Martin Lovšin
Executive producer: Barbara Poček


Anže Zevnik
Katarina Čas
Vid Klemenc
Vid Valič
Primož Pirnat and others

About the performance

baptismal performance
Première: 26 September 2015, Glej Theatre
70–130 minutes without interval
The first theatre video game. Bring your smart phones and tablets so you can take part in a video game with live actors. Can you stop the spreading of the deadly Ebola virus? Is there enough of a detective in you? Discover the shocking truth about the origin of Ebola in Slovenia.
A mysterious corpse is your only lead. With your help, the protagonist has to find a way through a maze of conspiracy. Will you follow the principles of ethics, take the law in your own hands, perhaps pay with your own blood to find the truth? With Ebola, Luka Cimprič and Andrej Zupanec continue where the performance Ernesto Goes to Town left off.

Ebola thus offers a blend of a crime story and a comedy, and in its performative concept is a valid piece of Glej’s experimental atmosphere, but develops its formal potentials more into the entertainment direction than the "artistic", which is why it could easily find itself on some commercial stage more favourable to comedy. Or in other words: the performance certainly has the potential to become a hit.
(Gregor Butala, Dnevnik)

Photo gallery

Ebola <em>Photo: Polona Ipavec</em>
Photo: Polona Ipavec
Ebola <em>Photo: Polona Ipavec</em>
Photo: Polona Ipavec
Ebola <em>Photo: Polona Ipavec</em>
Photo: Polona Ipavec