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Teden slovenske drame

Saška Rakef


The 3rd programme of Radio Slovenia – programme Ars, Imago Slovenieae Institution – Podoba Slovenije and Glej Theatre


Director: Alen Jelen
Dramaturg: Saška Rakef
Consultant: Rajko Stupar
Sound engineers: Matjaž Miklič, Sonja Strenar
Sound designer: Darja Hlavka Godina


Goljat David: Gaber K. Trseglav
Dalila Samson: Barbara Vidovič
Sound engineer: Matjaž Miklič
Moderator: Igor Velše

About the performance

Original title: Tolkalo

baptismal performance
Première: 28 August 2015, Glej Theatre and Radio Slovenia
50 minutes, no interval
Who cuts off whose head when David throws a stone at Goliath? A radio-stage play in which free economic enterprise and the little man clash.
After a more than a year long court process, the environmental permit for the operation of a refinery intended for cleaning the gas extracted using the method of hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" has been legalised. As the English investor Earththef with a subsidiary Earththef Slovenia Limited with a seat on the British Virgin Islands writes in its public press release, the legal effect of the decree proves that Slovenia is a democratic state with the rule of law into which an investor can trust and invest. But can you trust in this same state?
Saška Rakef’s radio play and performance takes the shape of a phone-in radio show about a current ecological and political topic. A documentarist image in the style of Orson Welles grows into a dramatic conflict of mythical scope, yet at the same time remains decidedly socially critical and warns about the totally concrete and real problem of the exploitation of the environment and the population. The theatre performance was transmitted live on the radio and thus, together with the website, became a potent artistic action.

Photo gallery

Mallet <em>Photo: Ivan Merljak</em>
Photo: Ivan Merljak
Mallet <em>Photo: Ivan Merljak</em>
Photo: Ivan Merljak
Mallet <em>Photo: Ivan Merljak</em>
Photo: Ivan Merljak