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Teden slovenske drame

Simona Semenič (בנים.קום)

Beit Zvi School of Performing Arts, Ramat Gan, Izrael


Translator and director: Yonathan Esterkin
Stage designer: Shoimon Kastiel
Lighting designer: Uri Rubinshtain



Gal Sade
Dor Michaeli
Elia Bar
Michal Ziskrut
Yael Bar Shavit
Yaniv Basford

About the performance

Original title:

Grum Award 2009

60 minutes, no interval

Five ten- and eleven-year-old boys meet weekly in their hideout. They escape from the real world into their safe haven and play a game according to their own rules. Like superheroes they fight against the enemies of humanity. But their play reveals the principles of hierarchy and the mechanism of violence in the society.

Beit Zvi is the oldest independent theatre school in Israel. It was founded 50 years ago and is financed by the Israeli Ministry of Culture and the local community. Not only do its graduates work in many professional Israeli theatres, the school’s student productions are also remarkable and often run for as long as productions in larger professional theatres.

After two stagings of plays by Matjaž Zupančič, the group tackles a play by Simona Semenič, a three-time Grum Award winner, who today is one of the most frequently performed Slovenian playwrights abroad. Since the play won the Grum Award in 2009 it has been performed, among others, in Sweden, Slovakia, Russia and Bulgaria.

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Photo: Beit Zvi <em>Photo: Beit Zvi</em>
Photo: Beit Zvi