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Teden slovenske drame

Evald Flisar

Antigone Now (Antigone Now)

Scene Theatre, Washington, USA


Translator: Evald Flisar
Director: Robert McNamarra
Assistant director: Anne Nottage
Stage designer and technical director: Michael Stepowany
Lighting designer: Marianne Meadows
Costume designer: Alisa Mandel
Sound designer: Denise Rose
Stage master: Natalie Nichols
Producer: Lena Salins


Clara: Danielle Davy
Mayor: Ron Litman
Peter: Matt Dougherty
Master Guido: Kim Curtis
Killer 1: Brian Hemmingsen
Killer 2: Stas Wronka
Security Guard: Joe Palka
Philip: Joseph Carlson
Sabina: Amanda Forstrom
Gentleman from Heidelberg: Colin Davies

About the performance

Original title: Antigona zdaj

Première: 4 July 2015, Scena Theatre
90 minutes, no interval

To place the theme of Antigone truthfully within the banality and criminality of today’s globalised world, Evald Flisar has turned the story upside down: Clara - the Antigone of today fights not for the right to bury her brother with dignity, but to prevent the exhumation of his body when her uncle the mayor wants to move the graveyard for the benefit of the capital and the construction of a new hotel. The author has renounced the elevated style of Sophocles’s play and its many later variants; he has created his text as a brutal crime story with plenty of black humour to show the neoliberal world of the capital, filled with feigned ignorance, lies and deceit. And yet, his Antigone still fights for the right of human dignity in the midst of the predatory pragmatism that defines our time. Besides in Washington, D.C., the play has so far been staged in India, Austria and Indonesia.

SCENA Theater in Washington, D.C., stages the best and most provocative plays from all over the world, encourages cultural exchange between local and foreign artists and actively supports the creation of new works. It was established in 1987 with Robert McNamara as the artistic director and Amy Schmidt as the managing director. The theatre also prepares special events and workshops that teach young playwrights their craft.

Photo gallery

Antigone Now <em>Photo: Scene Theatre</em>
Photo: Scene Theatre