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Teden slovenske drame

Drago Jančar

Stakeout at Godot (Дебнейки Годо)

Theatre Tears and Laughter, Ami da -6, Sofia, Bulgaria


Translator: Prof. Ljudmil Dimitrov
Director: Desislava Bboeva
Stage designer: Dimitr Georgiev
Choreographer: Vladislava Boeva
Musical collaborators: Deljan Apostolov, Todor Kotopanov



Nikola Mutafov
Javor Borisov
Kičo Kičev

About the performance

Original title: Zalezujoč Godota

Grum Award 1989

Première: 10 October 2015
75 minutes, no interval

The constant need to research self and surroundings is a characteristic of human nature. But the surroundings are always hostile, threatening and above all, bad. Hence they need to be constantly observed, followed, stalked, because anything can be expected from them – particularly the unexpected. It seems that everything changes, yet nothing happens, nothing signifies nothing and words get new meaning and power.
Jančar’s drama in its Bulgarian staging isn’t just a paraphrase of Beckett’s classic of the absurd, but also a transformation into a different time and environment where fear, doubt and insecurity shape the absurd existence of man.

Theatre Slza i smjah (Tears and Laughter) carries the name of the oldest Bulgarian professional theatre (1892–1903). The theatre was revived with this name and has been working since 1966. Today it hosts numerous theatre troupes that stage classical and modern drama. Many Bulgarian thespians started their creative careers in this theatre.


Photo gallery

Stakeout at Godot <em>Photo: Ami da - 6</em>
Photo: Ami da - 6
Stakeout at Godot <em>Photo: Ami da - 6</em>
Photo: Ami da - 6
Stakeout at Godot <em>Photo: Ami da - 6</em>
Photo: Ami da - 6