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Teden slovenske drame

Matjaž Zupančič

Shocking Shopping (Шокошоппинг)

Teatr 18+, Rostov-on-Donu, Rusija


Translator: Maxim Reyno
Director: Andrey Savchenko
Dramaturg: Matjaž Zupančič
Stage and costume designer: Yury Vinogradov
Music: Yury Arefiev
Lighting designer: Dmitry Tsupko


Administrator: Svetlana Bashkirova/Marina Dren
Jožef Kotnik: Anton Soloviev/Alexey Dronov
Folker: Vladimir Vasilatov
Vice-president: Alexey Timchenko
President: Alexander Semikopenko/Alexander Ovsyannikov
Man in socks: Petr Kostryakov/Alexander Bogdanov

About the performance

Grum Award 2011
Première: 6 and 7 March 2015
80 minutes, no interval

How to escape from a supermarket without an exit? Shocking Shopping by Matjaž Zupančič deals with the aggressive procedures of marketing and selling. What happens when a system collapses? Or when someone eschews the surveillance? Where are the borders of the surveillance? An ordinary man, a medical technician Jožef Kotnik finds himself in the hypermarket known as "Shocking Shopping" buying bread and half a chicken. By chance, he becomes the fifty-thousandth visitor and the winner of an award. Behind the promises of a heap of benefits, discounts, special purchases, clever marketing moves, memberships and forms, Jožef suddenly gets a glimpse of the backstage of the shopping centre, where things get more and more bizarre, scary and cruel. The glittering Mecca of shopping pleasures shows its dark and horrifying facets and pulls Kotnik into a brutal whirlpool from which there is no escape.

Teatr 18+ is an independent experimental theatre focused on contemporary drama, the theatre of new formats which merges the contemporary hero with the contemporary spectator. Their performances research new ways of performing, including the provocative ones. The fundamental goal, though, is presenting the newest texts to the audiences.

Photo gallery

Shocking Shopping <em>Photo: Teatr 18+</em>
Photo: Teatr 18+
Shocking Shopping <em>Photo: Teatr 18+</em>
Photo: Teatr 18+