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Tjaša Ferme

Wild Child in the City (Wild Child in the City)

PopUp Theatrics & The Secret Theatre, New York, USA


Translator: Tjaša Ferme
Director: Ana Margineanu


Performer: Tjaša Ferme

About the performance

70 minutes, no interval

An interactive absurdist comedy in which the author/performer takes the audience through the funny and bizarre situations of a search for a normal flat in New York City. A journey filled with wild adventures and nostalgic memories of prettier places.
Actress Tjaša Ferme is an UL AGRFT graduate; as a student she won the Sever Award and a Vesna for her work in films. She has continued her career successfully in New York, first with her monodrama Cocktales: Confessions of a Nymphomaniac. Wild Child in the City is her second solo project in the United States. Ana Margineanu, the master of interactive theatre directed this monodrama by transforming the audience into active participants. The director is also the founder of PopUp Theatrics, a theater with an experimental character that researches the inclusion of new technologies and the relationships between space, stage and audience.

The piece ... combines her European sensibility and Kafkaesque sense of irony with down-to-earth toughness of a New York single girl who’s seen it all. It is a story so unbelievable, twisted and smelly that it must be true.
(Susie K. Taylor, The Huffington Post)

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Wild Child in the City
Wild Child in the City
Wild Child in the City