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Teden slovenske drame

Emil Filipčič: Inovator of the Slovenian (not anymore) dramatic writing and postdramtic (not anymore) Theatre

A mini symposium about Emil Filipčič’s playwriting

Honouring the première of Butnskala, the cult radio play whose baptismal staging guided by Vito Taufer translates it into a fresh theatre writing, the Prešeren Theatre Kranj and the Mladinsko Theatre in cooperation with the UL AGRFT will organise an afternoon mini symposium about the Emil Filipčič phenomenon. There, speakers from different generations, from the UL AGRFT students to younger and slightly older practitioners and theorists of contemporary arts, will speak about the receptions and new readings of Filipčič’s multi-platform – drama, radio and novelist – opus.
Moderator: Tomaž Toporišič