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Teden slovenske drame

God Bless or Devil Curse the Criticism!?

A round table about the situation of theatre criticism in Slovenia

Every year, the Week of Slovenian Drama hosts a round table on topics pertaining to the current situation of theatre and drama. This year’s debate about theatre criticism and its position in theatre, cultural, media and the general social environment will be opened by the invited "challengers": the DGKTS president and selector of this year’s Week of Slovenian Drama, journalist and critic Gregor Butala; writer, director, Grum award winner Vinko Möderndorfer; dramaturg and artistic director of Prešeren Theatre Kranj Marinka Poštrak; and the "freelance" theatre critics Zala Dobovšek, Matej Bogataj and Rok Vevar. Making sure that the debate around the "round table" is as open as possible and not one sided or biased will be the task of its moderator, the long-time journalist and theatre critic Slavko Pezdir.
All professionals or amateurs interested in the survival and the continuous development of theatre criticism in Slovenia are kindly invited to participate in the debate, both artists from the stage and the backstage, as well as the friends of theatre from the auditorium