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Teden slovenske drame

Playwriting workshop

mentor Nina Mitrović

Every year, the playwriting workshop at the week of Slovenian drama tangibly contributes to playwriting creativity.
The workshop focuses on the process of creating a play: from inspiration and character development, drama conflict and structure to the writing techniques and rewriting and creating the final version.
Theoretical and practical work take place simultaneously, [this year] with the help of examples from plays, screenplays, poetry, psychiatry literature and participants’ works. We will analyse the texts that the participants submitted to join the workshop, focusing on the elements we’ll be working on during the workshop. Daily written tasks will be set to whet participants’ imagination. The goal of these exercises is also to increase the understanding of what’s been learnt. The participants will have to use the new knowledge for tasks that require creating a story, characters and structure within a drama situation.
The participants will have a chance to show the acquired knowledge in the final work – writing a short play supervised by a mentor. The workshop will conclude with the presentation at the Week of Slovenian Drama where the works of the participants will be presented as a joint drama piece.
Mentor: Nina Mitrović

Playwright Nina Mitrović was born 10 June 1978 in Slavonski Brod.
In 2005 she graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb with a degree in dramaturgy. In 2007 she obtained a master’s degree in screenwriting at the London Film School.
She is the author of multi-award winning plays and monodramas The Meeting, This Bed is too Short or Just Fragments, An Instant-Powder Family, When We Dead Slay Each Other, Neighbourhood Upside Down and others.
Her plays have been performed by national and city theatres in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Finland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. They have also been presented at numerous international theatre festivals, among which Berliner Festspiele (Berlin), LabFest (London), International Theatre Festival (Sibiu), Divaldofeste Yungo (Brno) and Playwright’s Week (New York) must be mentioned.
Her plays have been translated into ten languages. They’ve been published in Croatian and international anthologies and magazines. The plays Neighbourhood Upside Down and This Bed is too Short or Just Fragments were published as stand-alone plays.
Nina Mitrovič is the author of a number of radio dramas and radio documentaries, which have premièred on the Croatian radio, but have also been presented and awarded at international festivals in Berlin, Milan and Zagreb. She has also published several short stories in literary magazines.

From Monday 28 March to Friday 1 April at the JSKD regional offices in Kranj.